Savoir Fair

Embodying the very essence of Savoir Fair, this piece celebrates femininity, joy and colour. Armed with a healthy degree of sass, this heroine dances where and when she likes, and was inspired by trips to Tuscany and the Riviera. The painting itself has had a previous life as a contemporary, abstract oil in very warm, earthy tones, creating the texture underneath.

Original artwork

Fan Fair

Picture a girls' day at the Races and here is your alpha-gal – she’s fun, a little mysterious and full of swagger. There’s a little bit of her in every woman, everywhere. The previous life lived by this piece was bright and vibrant – it was an oil painting of potted flowers bursting to life, in its new incarnation it has been turned upside down and the pot incorporated into the hat and the flowers in the background, like the crowd at the races.

Original artwork

Back Stage Beauty

The texture in the background has been shaped by the previous abstract art where the sun was setting at the end of the day. Our heroine is a performer, her veins flowing with creativity and sassy, womanliness confidence; she’s a mentor to girls, and acknowledges nightly standing ovations with a simple nod and a sassy flick of her fabulous hair. It’s backstage when she sits and reflects, and here it is we find her.  

Original artwork

The Unnamed Princess

The essence and texture of this painting comes from two different worlds meeting, its previous life was the land meeting the ocean and the places in-between. And our princess will forever remain unknown, for within every single woman, of every single age, is a goddess - a special human being who can change the world.  

Original artwork

It's Dior, darling

This stunning art work exudes elegance and confidence - just like its namesake, historical fashion house. It evokes the romance and glamour of spring-time high tea in the south of France, with our subject's handout flowers adorning her. The special piece transports you to a magical world away of indulgence, grandeur and sumptuous culinary delights fit for a queen. 


Original artwork

Versace in Monaco

With a stunning background created with glass seashells, this piece captures our heroine walking through a grand, elegant entrance wearing a divine, silk Versace shirt dress on a sweltering summer's day. She's sensual and bold and shines like the glittering prize she is in the bright sunlight. At her back is the crystal-clear, blue-green water of Monaco, calling to her to come bathe in its other-worldly perfect delights.


Original artwork

Living in Lace

His pulse is racing, he's been waiting all his life to meet her - a perfect vision in luxury lace - and now it's his big moment! This piece captures the excitement and intimacy of an intermit dinner for two - little does our gorgeous heroine know a proposal's in the air.


Original artwork

Pearls and Girls

Romance and longing are perfectly captured in this opulent and glamorous art piece - a study in beauty. With the fierce wind sweeping through, catching the cascading florals in her silk dress - our heroine is standing on the bow of a boat, impatiently scanning the horizon, waiting for her lover.


Original artwork

Night at the Opera

In its previous life, this canvas perfectly captured the City of Light, full of bright luminosities and high-rises. Now, in its exciting, new incarnation, this beautiful piece sees our heroine step out in all her finery for a night at the opera. She's elegant, glamorous, and ready to take the world on.


Original artwork

City of Lights

Elegant, confident and flirty, our heroine is soaking up the fun and glamour of a night out at the theatre, enjoying catching everyone's eye. She's a woman on a mission - to see and be seen - in vivid, dramatic colour, as perfectly captured in this stand-out piece.


Original artwork

Drama Queen

She's a sassy stage performer, with her perfect hair and make-up, and seductive, couture wardrobe ready, about to take the curtain call. Who will she meet tonight? What grand adventures of life and love await? In this grand painting, our heroine is the self-assured and unattainable woman whom everyone wants to ensnare. 


Original artwork

The Belle of the Ball

Jewelled up to the nines, sensual and mysterious, our heroine is clad in a stunning tulle and ruffled Oscar de la Renta layered gown. She's stylish and self-assured - she knows how to catch a man's eye and stand out in a crowd. Who will be her paramour tonight? This stunning art work evokes high fashion, romance and seduction.


Original artwork

Diamonds are Forever

In this highly covetable art piece, our heroine is living proof that you can never wear too many diamonds. Here, she stands proudly and confidently on the red carpet, shining bright like the diamonds she wears, at the opening night of her Broadway play. She's fire and ice - depending on the encounter - unattainable and utterly unforgettable.


Original artwork

Frolicking through Florence

Strutting the streets of Florence, each layer of her floaty dress dancing as she moves, she's wild and free, and nothing and no one can dim her glow. This art piece celebrates the femininity and beauty of a confident, young, ready-for-anything woman on a grand overseas adventure.


Original artwork

Milanese Magic

It’s Milan Fashion Week - the anticipation is building on opening night, and our heroine is clad in crystals, crystals, crystals and more crystals! Rocking a sexy suit that hugs her curves, she knows how to command your attention; a fashionista who's stylishly suited for any occasion. This painting is the perfect intersection between high fashion and art.


Original artwork

Gucci Glamour

With a powerful allure, whereby she's beloved of both men and women, a bold and sassy heroine is celebrated in this evocative art work. She's someone you're desperate to be with, a magnetic personality who exudes intelligence, wit and joie de vivre. Featuring steel-rolled flowers and gems, this painting showcases a sassy woman who's at home modelling the lasted fashion - a vision in beauty and elegance.


Original artwork

Off to Broadway

Picture this: It's a winter's night, and our heroine is out on the town with the girls, celebrating all things high-end luxury, decadence and fashion at a swanky bar and Broadway show. This painting showcases enviable glamour, excitement and charm.


Original artwork

Parisienne Runway

Our heroine lives and breathes for the spotlight, she's the headline model with the haute couture world at her feet. From Paris with love, this painting was inspired by the City of Light and the unrivalled, effortless elegance of its inhabitants.


Original artwork


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