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Who Is elaurante?

Defining oneself as an Artist is difficult, it conjures pictures of paint-splattered studios, darkened, spotlit stages or realms of unfinished sculptures that stand as reminder of what is to come. That’s why Louise Owen doesn’t categorise herself as an Artist per se. She’s a Creative, an Imaginator (and yes, she knows that is a made-up word); she is a Fashionista, a Colourist, a Texturist, a mother of two and wife to her best friend in life. What she most loves to do is spend time creating art inspired by the female form, art that pays homage to classic fashion eras over time, and art that, through the use of texture, paints, colours and lines, tells a story. Part of that story, is hers too.

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A Study In Fashion

While she calls Brisbane home, Louise was born in Roma, western Queensland, one of four children of landowners who moved to Brisbane when she was young. She completed school in Brisbane and always, always poured 100 per cent of her worth into every endeavour – she was an elite swimmer, an excellent tennis player, has completed five degrees and worked within the medical industry. However, underlying all the time she spent at school and at various universities studying, was a deeply ingrained love of art and fashion. This was born from a childhood spent growing up in her mother’s drapery store, creating and designing her own fashion.Louise’s artistic love of the female form is both joyous and inked in terrible sadness. Fifteen years ago, on the day of her son’s third birthday, Louise’s younger sister passed away suddenly. It was after this loss that she started using her artistic moniker “elaurante” – it is her maiden name and a tribute to her sister.

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Art Of Creation

Her creative style showcases the strong feminine shape and form, using pops of colour and silhouettes of the female. They are multi-media pieces utilising textured oil paint, whilst incorporating antique jewels & vintage real-life materials. Each original painting takes 3-4 months to complete with over 150 hours of work in each.  For each original creation, she has also created limited edition reproductions - on Framed Fine Cotton Rag. To talk to Louise about collaborations or more, please contact drlouiseowen@bigpond.com